Study Veterinary Medicine in Europe,Hungary at the University of Veterinary Medicine - Budapest

Want to be a Vet?

But worried about the competitive market for places in the UK?

Well, worry no longer and join to the international students on the vet course at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest, Hungary. Fellow academics from around the world have already opted to study in the flourishing European nation which can be the perfect place to pursue your career dreams.

The course taught in English with an internationally-recognised degree achieved at the end of your program.

Reaching Budapest is also very easy now with direct flights from London's all airports making a trip home a very simple arrangement.

Get Free Advice and Guidance

If you would like to apply for a place at the university for free without any additional agent fee, the Representative of the University, Sandor Bone is on hand to assist you with all your requirements when it comes to the submission process.

He deals with the applications and collects the required documents to make the process run smoothly.
He can also provide information and support on everything from the entrance examination to university life, and just about everything you need to know for when studying in Hungary.
He organise the entrance examinations in London so feel free to contact him for any information you need.

Aspiring students are invited to visit the site beforehand and tour the premises with a representative who can answer any extra questions you may have.

So, if you are hoping to study abroad in the future, and want to gain a first-class education, the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest, Hungary could be just the place for you.

International Accreditation

In 1995 the veterinary school was internationally accredited by the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (E.A.E.V.E.). The follow-up visitation took place in 2004 with a positive outcome.

The accreditation of the Budapest veterinary school was reinforced by the E.A.E.V.E. and the F.V.E. (Federation of Veterinarians of Europe). The Accreditation Report concludes: "The University of Veterinary Science can claim a proud position among its European counterparts. Its young graduates need not be afraid to compete with their European colleagues for their knowledge and practical skills."

Since 2009 only those universities can be considered accredited schools which pass both stages of the accreditation procedure.

After Helsinki, London, Bern, Copenhagen, Vienna, and Gent we are the seventh Veterinary School to fulfil those strict requirements expected by the Association which is well known to be devoted to quality assurance.The rest of the forty-nine European veterinary schools belong only to the “accepted” category.

The high level of veterinary training attracts excellent, motivated students and the European accreditation certifies that the level of the Hungarian veterinary training makes the University one of the best in Europe. Results of the EAEVE evaluation are followed by professional organisations overseas, and the EAEVE accreditation helps to accept the diplomas outside Europe, too.

Hungary is a full member of the European Union since 2004 which means the degree is absolutely accepted and recognised within the EU.

After the completion of a board exam in Canada or the US, the graduates are entitled for a residency and to practise in North America.

Veterinary studies in Budapest, Hungary

The University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest, owing to its rich heritage and continued efforts to improve and adapt, has thus developed into a trilingual, internationally acknowledged European educational institution. Its new Mission Statement reflects the increasing social demand that today's veterinarian should not only care for the health and welfare of animals utilized in any way by us, but also should be a learned protector of the living environment.

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